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Enjoy ( He sort of looks like me but I'm better looking. )

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Sunday December 24th:

My software project has not died. It has been a few months since I posted here as writing here is not an easy thing to do. I write what I want in a text editor and then I cut, paste and format my text so I can drop it on the page you see now. Rinse and repeat until it is right.

In the the Doomstead Diner Forum there is a thread where I have been describing what I have been doing. RE the owner there asked me when my blog would be ready for prime time. I think a couple of months but I'm not sure. Here is how I responded to him.

RE, I'm not sure.

It won't be more than text only to start with. Ability to post comment pictures I will add later. Yet it needs more than basic functionality before it gets released into the wild. Once started on this project I realized the blog part is only half the app. The other half of the app is a management side, a dashboard for administrating users and posts. I need to have that working pretty well so I can snuff any trolls that need snuffing right from the start.

Imagine six months from now. A troll comes along and tells me I am full of shit and I should not worry, that I should just be happy. He says we are all going to move to Mars in six months and the world does not need my depressing shit.

The troll makes an insulting comment and thinks all is well. He checks back ten minutes later and sees that the black text in his comment is becoming grey and the background is becoming darker. A day later and they are the same color. The troll experiences personal collapse. Then the only way you can read his text is if you select it with a mouse so it highlights.

The Power !

The big difference between now and before is that I have a functional app already working. Before now all I had accomplished was making different pages, some rather nice looking and sophisticated, but without integrating them together I did not have a blog. It was mostly a matter of time and had I not returned to working full time a few years ago I'd have it my own software up and running now. Of course paying the bills is a lot more important than having a government psy-op or two go ape-shit because his text is melting away. I'm not complaining.

The sad truth is that most evil is done by people who never make up their minds to be good or evil. -- Hannah Arendt

Saturday August 12th:

Summer has come and with it change. My earlier illness sacrificed my software project for a while and now with health returned I am doing something else before I get back to that. I am going to make some old style computer keyboards as the only thing available to interface with vintage electronic equipment or for easy hobby use are adapted PC keyboards like I am using now. I'll make 100 and sell them on E-bay and make enough not to lose money. A public service, the profit on a 100 won't make me much and the need while very real is not very big. Keyboards with a parallel interface could once be purchased and my design is based on three examples I have info on.

I did not write here for a while though I have been commenting elsewhere on blogs. I'm writing here now and will continue do so since people do come here and deserve to know what I am up to since they clicked in. I should try and not let a lapse be more than two weeks. Plans are I am going to Idaho to see the eclipse. My potato box does well but a bunny has learned how to get into my garden and has decimated it. I'm learning to garden as an adult, by trial and error. This year is full of error.

If you click any link on my page and get an 'ad' it is there without my permission. Possibly the deep state at work. I pay an annual fee for this space and there should be no advertising. I'm sure it is harmless if you just click it's popup window closed. I'll be notifying my provider and demanding money or that it be removed sometime. Time and energy, we all wish we had more.

Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish. -- John Quincy Adams

Saturday May 27th:

Bat Shit Crazy

My desire to have my own blog software system has not abated but working for a living gets in the way. Having an open-ended job where creativity and the desire to dig for answers until they surface is rewarded also does not make for easy separation between work and personal life. For the time being this must remain a one sided spew into the internet wind.

Sometimes when I write a title comes to me when I am finished or well into the process of writing. Sometimes the title comes first and writing follows. This is one of the those times. This story literally begins with a bag of bat shit. Actually not one but two.

Two weeks ago I mixed up a soil mixture of potting soil and bat shit to grow what I'll simply describe as indoor flowers. No need to describe my plants any more specifically than that. They are not the subject of this story. Sold for $7.50 each at a local hardware store these bags of bat shit are used as a soil amendment. I have used it before with good results. It does make plant grow!

Having used it before I know dried bat shit is very friable. It fills the air with dust until it is worked into soil. Once worked in soil moisture stops the dusting. I thought I could do it carefully in my garage with the door open without any trouble. After the first good lungful of dust I stopped and donned a face mask. Too late.

For several days I was fine, then I began experiencing muscle cramps and a general overall feeling of weakness. Nothing to connect my symptoms with the bat shit exposure jumped out. I just figured it was more of the suckiness of getting old. Wrong I was.

Monday after work I was feeling Ok and on the way home I stopped at a different hardware store to get some cucumber starts to replace some plants I had grown from seed which had been consumed by slugs. Mexican slugs no doubt. I need a wall. No more than an hour had passed since I had left work. Now in my own driveway I was too weak to open the car door with my left hand. I had to use my right hand and then both arms to pull myself up and out of the car. The rest of the week I spent flat on my back unable to do anything. Weakness and muscle cramps. Intense chills and profuse sweating. By Friday I realized, as I was by then having shallow breathing. That bat shit was probably involved. Having experience with lung infections I also knew that getting medical help would probably be a good idea. Usually I let sickness run its course but this time I knew that would not be a good idea. I was not getting better.

This morning I went to urgent care with the magic plastic.

If you want to feel celebrity and are about my age (60 ish) walk into an urgent care center with shallow breathing issues and the magic plastic and you will be very well treated. Hookers have also found me attractive in life which I was soon to realize for about the same reason. I tuned into those games more easily and quickly than this game though.

Tests ensued, none of them cheap I'm sure. The fact that I knew how I got my illness in the first place was appreciated but stopped no test. After a few hours I was sent to the mother ship hospital for even more testing. No doubt because I knew how I had infected myself and proof was needed.

I now have an EKG that certified me today as being alive. Good to know. That I have a strong heart and exercise twice a week when I am not out flat on my back was of no consequence. That machine had to be used. Finally after many hours and many tests involving much blood drawing I had what I wanted in the first place.


I have only had one dose but it has been several hours and I am now upright and typing. It appears I knew what I was talking about all along. I confess however, I am torn, my Doc was very good and I appreciate his attention and thoroughness. But was it all necessary?

That bottle of pills could have been given after only a single chest x-ray (four pneumonic spots showed up) and a five minute conversation. All for the cost of a typical hooker I'll guess. Instead my co-pay alone would have paid for a very very expensive hooker. The kind Trump gets and you pay for. In the greater scheme of things a hospital has a lot more mouths to feed so I do understand.

Now I have a bottle of pills worth several thousand dollars which will restore me to priceless health, a bargain of course. The pills however I'm sure will be working just the same had they only cost ten bucks. I also would have gotten them lots quicker.

So bat shit crazy it was.

"Americans are always willing to trade away a little of their freedom in exchange for the feeling, the illusion of security." -- George Carlin

Monday May 1st:

There is May day and there is May day. Everyone who would have you forget about the peoples struggle is hot to remind you that by the Middle Ages every English village had a Maypole today. They want to keep you ignorant. Maypole and greeneries. Ritual festival is all for them. These types tend to be those who reap great benefit from ravishing the planet. Which is what unbridled capitalism, their god, does.

The world is not fair and equality cannot be achieved but I advocate being my brothers keeper. Today I feel little respect for those who don’t 'get it' and who would have you believe today is only about dancing around a pole.

"               Eight-Hour Movement Started in America

The 8-hour day movement which directly gave birth to May Day, must, however, be traced to the general movement initiated in the United States in 1884. However, a generation before a national labor organization, which at first gave great promise of developing into a militant organizing center of the American working class, took up the question of a shorter workday and proposed to organize a broad movement in its behalf. The first years of the Civil War, 1861-1862, saw the disappearance of the few national trade unions which had been formed just before the war began, especially the Molders' Union and the Machinists' and Blacksmiths' Union. The years immediately following, however, witnessed the unification on a national scale of a number of local labor organizations, and the urge for a national federation of all these unions became apparent. On August 20, 1866, there gathered in Baltimore delegates from three scores of trade unions who formed the National Labor Union. The movement for the national organization was led by William H. Sylvis, the leader of the reconstructed Molders' Union, who, although a young man, was the outstanding figure in the labor movement of those years. Sylvis was in correspondence with the leaders of the First International in London and helped to influence the National Labor Union to establish relations with the General Council of the International.

It was at the founding convention of the National Labor Union in 1866 that the following resolution was passed dealing with the shorter workday: The first and great necessity of the present, to free labor of this country from capitalist slavery, is the passing of a law by which 8 hours shall be the normal working day in all states in the American union. We are resolved to put forth all our strength until this glorious result is attained.        "

The only possibility of a decent future is a future where we all concentrate on becoming our brothers keeper and stopping the exploitation of others through the abstractions of finance as we know it. Unbridled capitalism must be reigned in. -- K-Dog

If we have chosen the position in life in which we can most of all work for mankind, no burdens can bow us down, because they are sacrifices for the benefit of all; then we shall experience no petty, limited, selfish joy, but our happiness will belong to millions, our deeds will live on quietly but perpetually at work, and over our ashes will be shed the hot tears of noble people. -- Karl Marx (Reflections of a Young Man 1835)

Trotsky at the Jimmy Hendrix memorial.

Trotsky at the Jimmy Hendrix Memorial (me)

Thursday April 6th:

This is a short entry. Checking in. Busy at work and progressing on my own article / comment page. Implementation in all technologies progresses. The Trump has made me turn inward and I find my own strength. All is well. For my overall well being I choose exercise twice a week and now I must my second session for this week do. Blake is back from South Dakota. He was asking about me and I expect to see him soon. I have always known him by that name.

The humblest citizen in all the land, when clad in the armor of a righteous cause, is stronger than all the hosts of error. I come to you in defense of a cause as holy as the cause of liberty - the cause of humanity. -- William Jennings Bryan

Postscript: I'm about to log off but my son just walked into the room and told me Trump has just launched sixty missiles at Syria. There are TVs where I exercise. And now his hands are drenched in blood.

Saturday March 11th:

At home today, my weekend. Time flies when you are busy. As I toil away putting together the software to run my own article comment blog software with encrypted membership control and content only available from a live viewed page, I miss that Wiki-Leaks has revealed tools used by the CIA that show why I am doing all this. My phone was hacked big about three years ago. The most recent demonstration of government abilities was a message sent to me over a period of a few days in text messages sent between my wife and I. Text which promptly disappeared. That was about a year ago. It was done to remind me I was still being watched and should think about what I wrote.

Random characters and words would be jammed into messages we sent between each other and then the characters and text would be gone. Right in the middle of messages. The CIA was not doing it but tools used by the CIA are also used by the secret service, the FBI and Homeland Security in a police state of watchers. It was a friendly reminder. Compared to the satanic possession of my phone a couple of years before that it was nothing.

How this relates to my current obsession and silence for the past two weeks is that having experienced what they can do as a result of discovering their active interference on common web platform internet software, I decided to write my own article comment code from scratch. It is at the mercy of being interfeared with on transmission but with code I fully understand and which I edit I will protect my root content and the content of users. Advances in current and public web development technologies such as HTML5 are helping demystify the complexity. It is ok if free speech demands a modern browser to interpret the code.

In todays world APPS which people use are massively complex but using simple computer language constructs it is possible to make simple but fully featured software. Software which protects the freedom and free speech of users. Code which harkens back to the days when entire programs could be typed into a personal computer in one session. Code which could be published in a pamphlet. My experiences as a victim of the government tools and their crazymaking motivated me to do this. My experiences also explain why I only use Linux when I can. Windows can actually ruin system components when instructed to do so. Full satanic possession.

You will be able to comment back to me when I write something like this after it is running.

By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest -- Confucius

Update Sunday March 12th:

Reading the Vault 7: documents I see Linux is not secure. But I did not think it ever was. My contention is that when they are out to make your flash memory vanish or ruin your hard drive. Windows does it better! A bit finer control. Yet upon reflection I was loosing hard drives under both systems when I was under heavy attack. Three in a couple of months. Cylindrical read errors on all of them. All that from sniffing around and watching them work the net. The thing is, rigging my Windows machine so it would turn on when I walked into the room was really creepy. It took a while to figure out how they were doing that. Windows can also eat USB devices very effectively. That gets expensive fast, but not as fast as hard drives do. They made me their bitch both ways, but Windows was the creepshow.

It saddens me that most Americans are apathetic about being spied on and manipulated. They are complacent and comfortable allowing this evil to flourish so long as they do not become a victim of it.

If nature had not sown evils enough in life, we are continually adding grief to grief and aggravating the common calamity by our cruel treatment of one another. -- Joseph Addison

Monday February 27th:

Much more has happened at standing Rock. The cavalry rode in. Were I not so busy I might snag some pics in a search and post them. As it is I have made progress on getting my own article blog software with user comments going.

I'm turning away from the ugliness of the world for a while. The WYSIWYG edit display for users will be nice. I even have the submit button integrated into the tool-bar. The bones are working well. I have my distraction. Now I have to write code to manage users and not just that. The project grows. The first evidence visible here will be a change in my authorship habits.

To write this I am directly writing HTML so my paragraphs are all on one line in my editor. Moving around on the line is hard. Editor controls get twitchy if the line is long. When I integrate my user editor into my pages I will be able to write as easily here as any other place. I am taking a break from the Trumpocalypse. Someday I'll have software organizing my pile of links. Some of which are as wonky as the HTML editor I currently have to use.

If humanity does not opt for integrity we are through completely. It is absolutely touch and go. Each one of us could make the difference. -- Buckminster Fuller

Monday February 13th:

It never happened. Nothing ever happened. Even while it was happening it wasn’t happening. It didn’t matter. It was of no interest. The crimes of the United States have been systematic, constant, vicious, remorseless, but very few people have actually talked about them. -- Harold Pinter

I came across this quote today. Like Alice down the rabbit hole this quote's application has a myriad of dimensions. I have been coding to make things happen on my web site. I let the world go by but good progress. Nothing to show publicly yet. I intend to have a dynamic web page, handmade.

Saturday February 4th and updated Monday February 6th:

How the Arrests Were Made

The following are still shots from the beginning of Jakes longer video which I downloaded from him at the same time I downloaded the shorter video I later uploaded to You Tube. The link to that video is in my previous post. These shots show how the main Oceti camp was separated from Last Child camp when seventy arrests were made a few days ago.

Between The Hill
Divide and Conquer Directly Ahead

Oceti camp is on a floodplane and the elevated road you see goes through this floodplane. Last Child Camp was erected on top of a high hill behind the road you see. Look at the extreme left of the photo. You can see a 'tank man' water protector. He will be in the next photo as well. This is a panorama.

About To Be Divided
Divide and Conquer to the Left

Four other leading water-protectors have walked into overwhelming force behind our 'tank man'. This photo was a scan to the left of the first. The other side of this panoramic sweep is shown next.

Plenty Of Backup.png
Divide and Conquer to the Right

This is how the main Oceti Camp was separated from the Last Child Camp and all seventy in that camp were arrested this week. Water protectors will not be allowed on high ground. They would have a full view of the drill platform if they were and they'd be immune from flooding when the snow melts.

I had the good fortune to be able to explore the terrain at Oceti camp using a virtual reality headset linked to Google Earth this week. Being there in virtual reality two hundred feet above the ground let me understand the situation documented by Jakes videos very well. The experience made me appreciate that two statements made by the mainstream media about Last Child camp could not possibly be true.

I am not uploading the twenty four minute video to You Tube. They want to 'verify' me before I can. The seven minute video was easy to load up a couple of days ago but good they want to verify me before I can upload another. That motivates me to post the video myself. Trust no one. Google is paid to decide who is popular and who is not. It is not all algorithms but that is what you are led to believe.

Several years ago in the Macondo blowout I learned firsthand that Google who owns You Tube will take oil company money so I'm hosting the police raid video here on my own website.

A browser which can play this video will be HTML 5 compliant. I give you no sympathy if you don't have one. A compatible browser is a simple and free download away. HTML 5 has a video tag which is easy to use if you can get your files up to your server.

In the above video the camera is placed on the ground briefly and it records the sky. By total chance it photographs a drone. I was able to find the video footage this drone was recording on You Tube. Here it is.

Above is a view from the drone. Jake's follow-on video is below.

Please forgive our real life production values. This second video follows the first. It is the one I put on You Tube. Have patience, the camera gets turned right-side up quick enough.

Thursday February 2nd:

I present a video at Oceti camp made the day before yesterday and recorded as seventy arrests are being made. Jake narrates the video. My understanding right now is that a new encampment of tee-pees had been erected early Wednesday morning across a road at Oceti on a hill in a place which had not been camped on before now. This action warranted a swift response by Morton County goons who crossed at the Blackwater bridge barricade to break up the camp and make new arrests Wednesday afternoon.

Jake at Oceti Camp

Tuesday January 31st:

Here is some info on the Standing Rock Environmental Impact Statement. I'll be reading it myself today. I had just time to put it up for us all to see and then it's off to work for me.

Memories Of The People

Saturday January 28th:

I have a new report out of Standing Rock. Jake is busy and happy moving around Oceti which is much smaller now than it once was. He busies himself moving around camp making sure everyone is warm, that firewood gets delivered, that everyone is fed. Temperatures are below freezing and howling winds. Blowing snow everywhere. Empty frames of tent poles and teepees show where people once where.

Word around the campfire is that the Oceti Chiefs have been paid off, bribed. Let's stop and think about that for just a moment: you have a group of people who are voluntarily living in sub-freezing temperatures, at their own expense, whose sole motivation is keep the reservation free from oil contamination. These veteran-volunteers watch the oil drilling platform in shifts, making sure that the promises made in December of 2016 are upheld in January of 2017. Why in the world would you want them to leave?! There is no negative media spin on the protester's actions, there is no excess trash being generated by the temporary guests. The only thing that makes sense is bribery. Of course, as with all collusion, there is no direct evidence pointing to the actions of the Tribal Council. “The main objective of the people of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe was to stop the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, which has been achieved to a degree,” said Cody Two Bears, the district representative from Cannon Ball.

Cody Two Bears

Cody's statement takes no notice of President Trump's recent executive order to pave the way for the Keystone XL and DAPL pipelines. It is a distortion. Politics in native life is complex and the U.S. government using payoffs to manipulate native Americans, playing one off the other, is as old as America. The camp is peaceful and there is no need for it to move. Action at Blackwater Bridge will be turned back with tear gas and rubber bullets as has been the pattern over the past year, with occasional life threatening injuries. If drilling under Lake Oahe begins that pattern would not change. Injuries would only result if an assault is made at the battle line, at the bridge. The camp itself, protected by veterans, is safe.

When the spring thaw comes The water level in lake Oahe will rise. Trump may help it along depending on where his sympathies lie. Rule by the people or corporate oligarchy and if he goes the way of oligarchy we expire in a hate filled class war. Standing Rock is a test that will reveal what Trump really is. When the spring thaw comes the flow on the Oahe Dam will be regulated to an appropriate level of damming Trumpification if Trump hails to the dark side. The water level behind the Oahe dam will rise.

Oahe Dam
The Oahe Dam

A contrary Trumpification of the dial would up the discharge from the Garrison Dam. Standing Rock is between the two Dams.

Garrison Dam
The Garrison Dam

Oceti camp will be put under water. Lake Sakakawea, formed when The Three Affiliated Tribes were flooded out more than a hundred miles north in the 1950's has plenty of water to do the job. The climate seems to be changing. The Garrison Dam began filling up in 1954 but the overflow spillway was used for the fist time in 2011 after being dry for more than fifty years. The northern rain belt moves north.

For now Oceti camp is cold, the snow blows, people stay in their shelters. The camp does not close, the camp does not want to close. The camp became community. A deadline to close has come and gone and another will. The camp has brought meaning to lives.

It is a test of Trump. Will he allow racism to determine the route of the DAPL final course or will he move it north of Bismark where it belongs. The current route threatens the reservation. There are people who dismiss Standing Rock in a sweep of incomprehension saying the pipeline has to cross the river somewhere so it does not matter where it does because everyone downstream will be spilled on anyway. The truth is different. It very much matters where the DAPL crosses the river for major spill damage will be limited in area.

If a future DAPL built on the current route were to rupture under Lake Oahe alarms will go off and check valves will quench flow. Several hundred thousand gallons of stinky nasty and flammable North Dakota fracked crude will spread across the lake. Oil containment action will then go into effect and damage downstream will be mitigated. Damage would be conveniently restricted to Sioux Lands. The existing DAPL route could not have been picked with a more racist intent.

Oceti camp should move to higher ground before the spring floods and preserve their community for as long as possible. The vast majority of Americans are still ignorant of the happenings at Standing Rock over the past year. Mainstream American media continues to perpetuate an ugly agenda and blind acceptance of the dictates of authority remains our national zeitgeist. As long as water protectors are at Standing Rock enlightenment is still possible.

What will Uncle Don do? A smart man would move the pipe. Trump can be strong and move the pipe or he can be weak and succumb to injustice. Being weak could be easy for Trump to do. The drill platform is secure and ready to rumble. Blackwater Bridge on State Route 1806 was closed to protect the Drill platform and the water protectors have been held back by brutal force to protect the pad location.

Friday January 27th:

Three days ago I sent President Trump a letter about how to resolve the Standing Rock issue and make everybody happy. He has not got back to me yet. I did not put this in my correspondence because it was a serious letter. I wanted to be taken seriously and not be round filed.

The proper place for the DAPL to cross the Missouri River is 200 feet below Bismark directly under the North Dakota State Capital. Since everyone who works at the state capital drives to get to work and stays warm with natural gas there should be no objection.

Monday January 19th:

I am sad to report that things are not going well at Standing Rock. Steel coated rubber bullets were being fired yesterday.

Oceti Sakowin Camp

We Are Moving Oceti Sakowin Camp

The sacred fire of the Seven Councils has been put to sleep.

The sacred fire can be lit in our hearts internally and spirituality forever.

The Horn has been filled with water and love and now the seeds of this water and love are being given to the world... As we are caretakers of this land we are familiar with the oncoming flooding of the land of Mni S’os’e (Missouri River) we ask occupants of the Oc’eti Oyate to evacuate as soon as possible for safety reasons.

~ The Horn

Monday January 1st: Happy new year. I have written an article. You can read it here.

Old Stuff:

The stuff below is dated, over a year old. The day will come when I have more time to spend on this, my website. Currently I'm a working stiff who needs to take some time off but I never seem to get to it. That's OK for now. The fifth horseman of unemployment had been dogging my but but now I'm earning funds to take care of business. In the last year I've updated some links but that is about it. I have spent a lot of time in the Doomstead Diner Forum where the comment software is expressive and seductive. All and all I should really spend more time here where I can be my own boss.

Great challenge but with it the reward of survival and enlightenment. The planet can be saved and I thought we were all doomed. A watershed film and one of the most important you could watch. But watching a film does nothing if it does not lead to action so I have you find the movie from the cookbook. There may yet be time.

The Official Cowspiracy Cookbook

The film 'Cowspiracy' lays out the smartest and most effective path to survival. Doom by methane induced thermal runaway can be averted. Paradise, the age of man may yet be born. After you find out about the exploding methane craters below, click on the link to 'Cowspiracy' above. Find out how Siberia can stay cold.

The Above Photo Links to Siberian Craters. Click on it.

Article Desgription:

Scientists at the Trofimuk Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics insist the process creating Siberian Craters is the emission of methane by melting gas hydrates.

Pic: Guy McPherson and K-Dog

Guy McPherson with K-Dog at the Royal Room in Seattle, Washington June 17th 2015. I worry but not as much as Guy does.

Guy McPherson presenting at the public library on Bainbridge Island, Washington June 18th 2015.

Bainbridge island is seven miles west of Seattle across Puget Sound. Many Years ago I lived there. At the time there were three distinct social classes. Well to do white people with big houses. Those of them who worked rode twenty minutes on a ferry to work in Seattle. The second class were local people who pumped gas, waited tables and did construction. In better times some of them were loggers. They lived in old farmhouses and trailers. The third group were minorities. Native American and Filipino. I'll let you guess which were in attendance at the Library. I got along with everybody.

A link to Guy's website can be found on this page.

Everything here is hand made. I type the raw HTML and all the code that drives this website.

Fellow anti-doomer doomers will enjoy the movie in the link below. Made way back in 1988 it is a brilliant and prophetic parody of modern times viewed from the landscape of sci-fi. The film has a message more poignant today than when it was made.

The perspective of a sustainalist vexes the soul. This movie is a great release from the mephitis we breath in every day in the pit of oblivion which surrounds us.

It was given to me by someone on a memory stick. I believe it was downloaded as a torrent by someone they know. Results of a recent trip beaming through the Andromeda Galaxy using the gravitational lens.

Thank You for visiting.