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I have augmented my list with the alleged 'FAKE NEWS' list being pushed by the deep state. There are many sites on the propornot list which I liked and are respectable. There are also some bizarre wacko and from my point of view disgusting sites. For now it is all up there; the GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY.


The Bulletin Board

Monday January 19th: I am sad to report that things are not going well at Standing Rock.

Steel coated rubber bullets were being fired yesterday.

Oceti Sakowin Camp

We Are Moving Oceti Sakowin Camp

The sacred fire of the Seven Councils has been put to sleep.

The sacred fire can be lit in our hearts internally and spirituality forever.

The Horn has been filled with water and love and now the seeds of this water and love are being given to the world... As we are caretakers of this land we are familiar with the oncoming flooding of the land of Mni S’os’e (Missouri River) we ask occupants of the Oc’eti Oyate to evacuate as soon as possible for safety reasons.

~ The Horn

Monday January 1st: Happy new year. I have written an article. You can read it here.

Old Stuff:

The stuff below is dated, over a year old. The day will come when I have more time to spend on this, my website. Currently I'm a working stiff who needs to take some time off but I never seem to get to it. That's OK for now. The fifth horseman of unemployment had been dogging my but but now I'm earning funds to take care of business. In the last year I've updated some links but that is about it. I have spent a lot of time in the Doomstead Diner Forum where the comment software is expressive and seductive. All and all I should really spend more time here where I can be my own boss.

Great challenge but with it the reward of survival and enlightenment. The planet can be saved and I thought we were all doomed. A watershed film and one of the most important you could watch. But watching a film does nothing if it does not lead to action so I have you find the movie from the cookbook. There may yet be time.

The Official Cowspiracy Cookbook

The film 'Cowspiracy' lays out the smartest and most effective path to survival. Doom by methane induced thermal runaway can be averted. Paradise, the age of man may yet be born. After you find out about the exploding methane craters below, click on the link to 'Cowspiracy' above. Find out how Siberia can stay cold.

The Above Photo Links to Siberian Craters. Click on it.

Article Desgription:

Scientists at the Trofimuk Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics insist the process creating Siberian Craters is the emission of methane by melting gas hydrates.

Pic: Guy McPherson and K-Dog

Guy McPherson with K-Dog at the Royal Room in Seattle, Washington June 17th 2015. I worry but not as much as Guy does.

Guy McPherson presenting at the public library on Bainbridge Island, Washington June 18th 2015.

Bainbridge island is seven miles west of Seattle across Puget Sound. Many Years ago I lived there. At the time there were three distinct social classes. Well to do white people with big houses. Those of them who worked rode twenty minutes on a ferry to work in Seattle. The second class were local people who pumped gas, waited tables and did construction. In better times some of them were loggers. They lived in old farmhouses and trailers. The third group were minorities. Native American and Filipino. I'll let you guess which were in attendance at the Library. I got along with everybody.

A link to Guy's website can be found on this page.

Everything here is hand made. I type the raw HTML and all the code that drives this website.

Fellow anti-doomer doomers will enjoy the movie in the link below. Made way back in 1988 it is a brilliant and prophetic parody of modern times viewed from the landscape of sci-fi. The film has a message more poignant today than when it was made.

The perspective of a sustainalist vexes the soul. This movie is a great release from the mephitis we breath in every day in the pit of oblivion which surrounds us.

It was given to me by someone on a memory stick. I believe it was downloaded as a torrent by someone they know. Results of a recent trip beaming through the Andromeda Galaxy using the gravitational lens.

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