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Manslaying must cease henceforth forever -- Nunuku-whenua

In total the mammals of the world are, 60 % livestock, 36 % human, 4 % wild.

Two Calves of Endangered Javan Rhinos Spotted in Indonesia ( NTD News December 2022 )

Ninety-seven % of great fresh water species gone since 1970 ( Guardian 2019 )

Ninety-six % of tigers gone in 100 years ( IFL Science 2019 )

Save Tigers Facing Extinction ( Save Animals Facing Extinction 2022 )

Vertebrates on the Brink ( March 2020 )

Eighty % of Antarctic Krill gone in 30 years ( Research Gate 2005 )

Can the world save a million species from extinction? ( Nature December 2022 )

Fifty % of Great Barrier Reef gone since 1985 ( Live Science 2012 )

Still Here

Traffic to this page is light. Hence, my writing is light. I am doing something which could change that. The time taken by this 'project' keeps me busy. But no pain no gain.

America continues to deny reality, America parties on. Tomorrow is always tomorrow. News you can't trust. That tower of babble best ignored.

Writings which rant here will, without an audience do no good at all. Even with an audience discussion of a new way of living can do little good. Winds do not now blow in the direction of success.

I tend my garden. It is that time of year.

* The annual change in CO2 (top right) is greater than what I have previously seen.

The Doomstead

Consistency would build an audience if I had an audience to build. As things are, only one real person read this page in the last day. Since that is the way it is, I am not going to trouble myself for not getting something out this morning. Nor will I care that it is far short of my thousand word weekly target. A target I hit for years.

If I had even a dozen regular readers, I would make sure life gives me time to meet a 'deadline'.

This week, my action has not been on this page. The Doomstead Forum keeps me occupied. I have been part of the Doomstead project for a long time. This is the third place where the Doomstead is hosted. In this iteration, I host the Simple Machines Forum software under my domain. I have access to all the code. I can customize the SMF software. So my interest in becoming a Simple Machine Software ninga is greater than it has been. As the webmaster, I will learn the finer art of SMF management now. RE is the other admin in the Doomstead, but RE does not do code.

The Doomstead has been something like a Diner, which changed buildings a couple of times. The last place that hosted the Diner was like was a diner renting space in a strip mall. Who goes to malls now? A slow death. The first place the Diner was at was RE's place, but his 'rent' got too high. He lost his lease and RE had to shut the diner down. The Diner had to move. I have space for the Diner for a while, and I am not charging rent. It was time for the Diner to move again.

The second iteration of the Doomstead was a Free SMF forum hosted by That SMF forum came with ads and censorship. Words like shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, and tits could not be used in posts. Such words came out as *****, *****, *****, ***** and so on. At the new Doomstead such words are allowed now. We set our own community standards. RE and I named the second iteration Global Collapse. It was all right, but I want more freedom.

Blindly into the future we go. Discussion of this is what the Doomstead is all about. We have a theme. Life as we know it will end, and it will end sooner than later. It is worth talking about.

If people start coming here, I shall write more.