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Started by RE, Nov 09, 2023, 01:58 PM

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First big snowfall of the season ongoing here on the last great frontier.  Started last night, we have about a foot on the ground now.  Winter weather advisory in effect through tonight.

The pathway out behind the SNIF to the smokers tent was too deep in snow last night to risk rolling over and getting stuck, so I lit up my cancerette out in front of the building.  Nobody around at night so you can get away with it.

Based on the very wet summer we had this year, I think we're going to have a winter chock full of the white stuff.  Looks like I won't be back on my scooter for shopping trips until the spring.



Definitely turned into a significant event here.  2 days of suspended bus service...on a miniature scale that's like suspending the NYC Subways for 2 days.  Basically a city-wide shut down.  More snow forecast for Monday.  As long as they keep the path to the smoking tent plowed, I should be OK and survive the winter.

Record November storm cancels bus service as Anchorage digs out