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It's the Rich Stupid

Started by K-Dog, Nov 14, 2023, 01:10 PM

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The Rich are Killing 1 BILLION People

QuoteThe privilege of detachment.

An interesting phrase.

My BFAM (Brother From Another Mother) is pissed.

People be getting on Roger's nerves.  You can't say "the psychopathic culture of the British elite" without the psycopaths being in your face.

The presenter could find it desirable to cut Roger down.  I think Roger picks up on that energy.  It makes him defensive.  A comparison is made to the Holocaust.  The presenter claims that ONE BILLION deaths by rich inaction is not worse than FIVE MILLION deaths by murderous intent from Hitler's gang.  Death from lazy and selfish being not as bad as murderous intent?  Despite the end result being TWO HUNDRED TIMES the number of deaths?! 

That brain fart betrays the presenter as someone who lives in his head.  Someone who is unwilling to deal with the reality of real world conditions.

Which caused Roger much distress.

Quote* Nick Robinson, has earned a massive sum from an illustrious TV journalism career. As of 2019, Nick Robinson's net worth was estimated at $1 million.

That was then this is now. 

The political pundit, radio host, and journalist makes around $50 thousand per month only from his BBC 4 radio show Today. His earnings are further added by his roles in various British TV and Cable media.

With his annually growing net worth, Nick is living a lavish lifestyle with his family in their beautiful home in north London, which is near to the famous Arsenal's Emirates Stadium.