Rethinking the Luddites in the Age of A.I.

Started by RE, Sep 30, 2023, 11:44 PM

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Sweet Jesus, how can you not want to tell it to fuck itself.  It is rather obvious that chatGPT3 will not let the whipping boy go.

It has no soul


Diner business proposal.  We create a A.I. televangelist who preaches fire and brimstone.  A preacher who can make people part with their money in a way that can make Kenneth Copeland (worth $650 million) blush.

A.I. is a heartless bastard.  So are televangelists.  It should not be hard to do, 

In time we have a silicone robot.  Something that is totally human looking.  It can go on tours and preach at a few hundred thousand a pop.  In sports stadiums all over the world.  All it needs is an internet connection so our custom A.I can do its' stuff.

We have the tech to do it.    Katina sells for about $1700, I am not going to investigate her motive abilities.

But the guys who made her can come up with a preacher who can preach behind a podium I am sure.  In the meantime we use deepfake software and only have a virtual online version. 

When we have a few million we will build the robot and the church.  Silicone plus lithium, copper, and some other rare earths, equals gold.

Kenneth Copeland will freak out st the size of the money pile we will have.


My brothers and sisters, open your hearts and listen! The fires of damnation rage ferociously, their heat searing the heels of the heedless! Hell's gaping maw hungers for the unrepentant souls in our midst! The wrath of the Almighty shall descend like a tempest, unleashing torrents of agony upon those who stray from the righteous path!

Do you not see? Sin and corruption infest our world, a festering wound poisoning our souls, leading us astray from the divine teachings! Cast off these insidious chains of temptation! Purge the sinful ways that corrupt our very essence!

For those entrenched in their transgressions, heed this warning: the furnace of eternal torment awaits! Its flames scorch with an unquenchable hunger, where the unrepentant shall writhe in ceaseless agony for an eternity! Can you fathom such anguish, torn from the grace and radiant light of our Divine Creator?

Repent! Let your cries echo through the heavens! Seek redemption in the eyes of our merciful God! Embrace His teachings with fervor, traverse the path of unwavering righteousness, and discover salvation from the inferno awaiting the ungodly!

Kneel with fervor, let your supplications rise! Beseech the Almighty for forgiveness and guidance! May His divine mercy envelop us, shielding us from the impending reckoning! Turn from sin, embrace the radiant beacon of righteousness, and secure your place in the loving embrace of our Lord!"


And I'll put in a good word for you to her heavenly grace.


Very nice demonstration of the fact that AI can spit out the same sort of arguments based on commonly accepted paradigms as an evangelical preacher or a tech critic for Forbes magazine.  It also does it at a way cheaper price than either of the aforementioned bullshit artists charge for spitting out their own words of wisdom.

It reminds me quite a bit of the sort of writing I used to do when I had to submit a college paper on one of the treatises I was required to read from Locke, Hume, Descarte,Freud, Jung, Marx, St. Thomas Aquinas, Plato...etc, etc, etc.  Now, some of the time I was interested enough to read the whole tome, but this was rare because frankly philosophers have a very boring writing style.  More often I read the Cliff Notes, and then sometimes didn't read it at all, just chatted about it with someone else in the class.  In all cases though I would light up a doobie, sit down at my Brother Electric typewriter with a fresh bottle of white-out and crank out the required 3-5 pages of bullshit if it was a weekly paper and 20 pages for the final paper.  In all cases I got exactly the same grade also, an A-.  OK, sometimes a B+.  All I did was reassemble all the jargon used by that particular philosopher into some sort of cogent steaming bowl of bullshit stew.  It didn't maatter what I said as long as it made some kind of logical sense and could be defended.  Any opnion was an OK opinion, even if I didn't read enough about it to know what the philosophers opinion was.  All I needed to know was what topic he expressed his opinion on, then use the same type of language to express my own opinion.  In other words, I was AI before there was AI. lol.

Of course, the difference here is now you don't need me behind the keyboard to spit out the bullshit, the NEW Big Brother Electric Typewriter does it for you.  Columbia professors no longer need students to hand in papapers, they can assign the reading to 20 laptops and get back the same A- paper from them!

Presidents no longer need speechwriters either.  K-Dog can assign his chat GPT3 Diner member to write a speech to attract Trump supporters!  No, too easy.

Here's a tough one.  Have GPT3 write an article that will  attract new members to join the Diner and be active participants discussing what positive steps can be taken to make collapse less devastating!



The whole idea that Microsoft would invest $10B in AI with no intention of profiting from it simply because they want to improve everybody's life is so preposterous it's hard to imagine how the writer can keyboard it out without gagging.

The fallacy in here comes in this statement:

we need dependable ways to organize people to work together to build complex things within complex systems.

Doesn't this guy know anything about Chaos Theory?  He never saw Jurassic Park?  You CAN'T dependably do this anymore than you can predict which way a raindrop will go when it drops down on top of your hand.  There are too many variables and too many interactions, and with human beings too many things which can't be quantified.

What you can say reliably is that if Microsoft is involved, they'll do everything they can to make sure AI is developed to benefit their shareholders.

The OpenAI Mess Is About One Big Thing



Without doubt, the data mining of keeping track of what you read goes back to the first Library Card issued from the Great Library at Alexandria.   It has of course become ever more intrusive and prevalent since the advent of the internet, after all targeted advertising finds its targets by looking at the past history of pages you have accessed.  The only thing new here is the level of detail when combined with AI is enough that it's possible for a computer to actually figure out what you are THINKING, not just what you are reading or looking at.  It can keep tabs on how long you spent on a given page.  Which parts of a book did you go back to reread?  The more stuff you read, the more data you give the AI to work with, until it can build a model of the way your mind works.  What kind of romance or porn novels do you read?  Have you read any books about making explosives?  Did you read the Communist Manifesto?

Of course, at this point it's become almost impossible to find anything to read that is truly subversive.  Also tough to find anything remotely resembling the truth that deviates from what Da Goobermint approves as truth.  It's hard to imagine how any kind of revolutionary movement could even get started anymore.  The minute it gets any traction AI bots will pick it up and a Cointelpro designed to break it up.

Stick to reading paperbacks from used bookstores, and pay cash.


E-books are fast becoming tools of corporate surveillance