It is not just Energy and it is not just Oil.  Human behavior is involved.
And stupidity will be dealt with accordingly.   

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Social Media Madness

Started by Knarf, Oct 27, 2023, 05:43 AM

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  I just started using Tik-Tok. I started so that I could post some "doomer" reality. Yesterday morning I made one about the failures of capitalism. It stayed on for about 6 hours, and the tik-tok gods removed it. I violated the user terms!! watch this and tell me what it violated.?

It is too big to attach. It is a .mov file. 26.4 MB.
It is here but you might have to have an account. IDK

Cancel Cancel Cancel...approve, approve...approve. BS!!

One thing about tik-tok is that IF you get banned for bad behavior it is easy to make another account. A guy that is educating the public about Kratom has been banned at least 6 times. He keeps coming back with a new account. Weird. Kratom is considered a dangerous drug by the LAW! But it is being sold online all over the place. I follow about 30 regular users and they should be banned, and some have, but they come back. It is the same with X-formerly twitter. X lets a lot more happen than any other platform...but new ones are popping up that claim more freedom of expression.

This gets into regulation and enforcement. It is interesting what platforms let controversial stuff be presented. X has some horrific vids of the slaughter in Palestine. `

We are doomer trouble makers! :)