Started by RE, Jul 12, 2023, 03:17 AM

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I don't have the same interests as when I was 18.  I don't have different interests either.  I no longer have interests. lol.

For lack of a better word, what I have now in place of interests are bemusements, the things around me which baffle me.  Generally these things are related to human behavior or beliefs people have which defy reason or common sense and sometimes don't even have any purpose.  Like an Andy Warhol painting of a soup can being sold for millions.  Or Air Jordan sneakers selling on ebay for 1000s, when you can buy equally good sneakers without the name brand for a couple of hundred and quite good ones for $50.  Why do people like rap music or Sylvester Stallone movies?  Why do they care about Kim Kardashian's divorce?

Bemusements keep me going.



Why do people vote for thieves thinking such men will do the country good.

I was going to pick a president and post his picture, but which thief?!

In a country that has millions of candidates finding people 98% honest should not be so hard.

An American child learns to vote.

* The resident president is Baffled Joe.  Joe finished seventy-sixth in a class of eighty-five in a second-rate law school after being caught cheating.  Joe is a Napoleonic draft-dodger.  Not that that dodging a draft is bad thing.  But Joe is neck deep in corruption in the Ukraine, and he has an equally corrupt, meth-head of a felonious son.

In congress suited thugs fill the room.  Former provincial lawyers chosen by popularity and smiles,  just like when they were rich high school jocks, who did not steal lunch money, but maybe just hit you for no reason. 

They boned the blondes and married the cheerleaders. Worked their way up in the politics of Nebraska, Idaho and Wyoming.  Pick your podunk.  There they learned all the arts of talking out one's mouth five ways.  They became adept at soliciting  bribes without ever seeming to.  Now at peak depravity, they govern a vast world empire about which they know nothing.

Isn't it just !


The United States values human rights intensely. Just now it promotes them in the Ukraine by poisoning the place for generations with depleted uranium and spreading cluster bombs around to blow the legs off their children. This is so they will have freedom and democracy. But not legs.