Doomberg the dumb bird.

Started by K-Dog, Aug 09, 2023, 09:55 PM

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Stupidity can strangely have a synergistic codependency with intelligence.  Stupidity holds on to axioms that are shown to be invalid.  Done well, great skill and intelligence is required to maintain such denial of the obvious.

In the case of Doomberg the claim is technology WILL save us. 


Economic thinking well done is seductive but 'de wisdum of de market' will not save us because Economics is the ONLY science that employs magic as a basic axiom.  This flaw means economic conclusions will in time be shown to be wrong, resulting in great suffering.

Nate Hagens 'bets' Doomberg that less oil will be produced in 2040 than now.

Doomberg understands Jevon's Paradox but draws the wrong conclusions from it.

Doomberg claims energy market shortages will spur innovations to produce new technology that will result in higher extraction rates for oil than can now be sustained.

Doomberg is :  IMHO.

What do you think?

* The comparison with Darth is a bit extreme.  But so is hiding behind a green chicken.