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Started by K-Dog, Sep 26, 2023, 01:16 PM

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It works but has nothing to do with the Diner and making this website all work together with a common registration is the way to go.  The login button will go away.  Login will be through the Diner. 

All I have to do is masticate about 2000 lines of code to make it happen.

Philoso Raptor is in Dogchat with Roland because that is where he was to start with.  I moved him into the Diner to help test things yesterday.  He will have a few days off before I'm ready for him.  He won't mind, he's a patient guy who has been out of the egg for sixty million years.  He knows how to wait.

As Roland you can see the user list and functionality guest visitors can't see.

* Thank you for showing the universe that the original version worked as I claimed it did!

I had hoped, .  But life does not imitate art.  Life has a reality art does not.


Dogchat has entirely diisappeared from the homepage, along with the hexagons header.



It happened to me when I was working on the app yesterday.  If I introduce an error in code, Javascript will stop loading.  The hexagonal list and Dogchat use a lot of javascript.

If you do <ctrl><shift><delete> to clear your browsers cache Dogchat may appear.  I just checked things using a remote connection and things look ok.  TDoS made a 'Hello World' post since I made my last change.

You were on yesterday when I was churning the code.  I could see Alaska on the globe on top of Dogchat.  It makes sense why you might have a bad chunk of Javascript hanging around in your browser.  Caching complicates things.

Today I am back to work so there won't be Dogchat changes today.  Dogchat is for ephemeral use, so unlike posts here the content won't hang around  forever.  The point being, things are under construction so traffic jams can be expected. 

Features will be added and debugged.  If would be cool to have a Dogchat comment hang around for a while and then fade out after a week.

I won't be back on until after work tonight.  If you don't see Dogchat after you refresh the cache let me know.

Today I will be doing proletarian undercover work and unloading a truck .  About 1200 items (boxes).  I'll see how the working class is doing.


Reporting now that Dogchat is working and the Login is now connected to the Diner SMF Login.  ;D