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Started by 18hammers, Sep 17, 2023, 09:34 AM

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I just came across this video, Nate is interviewing a professor/author I discovered 8 years ago through his Stanford University Course. Not collapse related but Robert is always thought provoking.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhobcj2K9v4    This would be a lecture of his I can recommend if you liked the Nate interview, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9H9qTdserM&t=29s . His Stanford University lectures  can be found on Utube should you want more.



I discovered the Stanford University course too.  I went on a Sapolsky viewing binge when I found it.  I read CHAOS on Robert's recommendation.

After reading the book I realized the whole free will / determinism argument was ridiculous.  Reality folds back on itself so much that puny attempts to guide reality are quite effective in altering the flow away from what it would have been.

We don't change the flow of reality the way we wish in the long term, but change reality we certainly do.

*  Finishing the video

"I pontificate out the wazoo.  I'm insufferable. And most of them appropriately glaze over at that point, what would I tell them?  What do I tell them? It looks really tough to make a change, but by definition, because of my privilege in life, I've wound up spending my career interacting with students who are uber-privileged.  So if anyone's going to do it, it's you guys because not only did you get to go to one of the best universities on Earth, you almost certainly don't have horrible gut parasites because you are one of the lucky ones.  Maybe the next thing is this thing that fascinates me trying to make sense of in terms of making the world whole and one of the completely irrational things we're capable of doing as humans and have to do, the more hopeless the problem seems, the  more you have to decide that you're one of the ones who can solve the problem, which is a version of this impossible religious stance of the less lovable the person, the more you have to find the means to love them. You are one of the lucky ones. Go and do it. And keep in mind, it's not going to come cheap and you're going to have to make a lot of personal choices as to what you're willing to give up along the way. No one said this is going to be easy."


Yes I binged on his work as well, so lucky" to have viewed his lectures. There are some sharp educators out there. Another good educator I have found is "Gutsick Gibbon" I watch most her work. The following is from her description page....................................................................................
Welcome to Gutsick Gibbon! I'm Erika, a current PhD student in Biological Anthropology. I have a Masters of Research degree in Primate Biology, Behavior and Conservation with a BSA in Pre-Professional Animal Science and minors in Anthropology and in Biology.

Here you can find videos concerning primates, general zoology, paleontology, anthropology, and evolutionary biology! I also spend a hefty amount of time debunking Young Earth Creationism, which I find to be an enjoyable hobby akin to debunking Flat Earth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vi6iYrgfPE

I find there to be a deep and personal beauty in being a part of the animal kingdom, and thus strive to be a gentle and modern ape. I hope you leave here feeling the same way!


This is a good one.

All I have done so far is look at parts of it to see what it is about.  Here Robert leaves the classroom behind and applies what he knows to the current situation.

He punches down on Steven Pinker a bit.  I totally approve.