It is not just Energy and it is not just Oil.  Human behavior is involved.
And stupidity will be dealt with accordingly.   

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Started by K-Dog, Feb 26, 2024, 10:20 AM

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AH (Aging Hippie) mentions shadow-banning a few minutes in.



Both Veg and Sandy are prolific, so I won't keep up.  But here and there a post letting others know about their videos, I can do.

In the second video Max Wilbert has a lot to say.  I have been following Max for a few years, but not in the same way the FBI tracks both of us.  He is a fellow traveler.  An hour in, the discussion turns to overpopulation.

The IPAT Equation: I = P x A x T  Environmental Impact = Population Affluence Technology.  The Rich have a MASSIVE ' I '.

LithiumAmericas  <-- For reference after you listen to Max.  Max pushes this book,   I would like to get it.  So much to read so little time.