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Resources / - Conventional Oil 101
Last post by RE - Apr 19, 2024, 04:06 PM
Quote from: TDoS on Apr 19, 2024, 03:09 PMBut it was nice meeting you in person.

I've never met you, since you didn't introduce yourself.  I met an anonymous person among many I spoke to at an outdoor festival where we had an information booth.

Resources / - Conventional Oil 101
Last post by TDoS - Apr 19, 2024, 03:09 PM
Quote from: RE on Apr 18, 2024, 11:36 PM
Quote from: K-Dog on Apr 18, 2024, 11:24 PMHe probably know more than I do about my asshole too.

He definitely knows more about what I have written than I do.  He's got posts I made on Reddit 6 years ago catalogued, and from Peak Oil 15 years ago.  He's my personal Historian.  ;D


Incorrect. I've never explained my interest in certain long term peak oilers and related personalities, have I? I don't talk about it much, if only because peak oil hasn't become a thing again yet.

So no, I'm not your personal historian. But it was nice meeting you in person. And I've met others in person, under differing circumstances.
Resources / - Conventional Oil 101
Last post by TDoS - Apr 19, 2024, 02:56 PM
Quote from: K-Dog on Apr 18, 2024, 11:24 PMI'll throw my two cents in about Jeff Brown.  I sent him a message on Linked-In and have had no response.  We do not know anything about him or his work. Therefore I can make no conclusion about his character or if he is disreputable or not.
He was quite prolific for awhile, with the ELM. I have often wondered, as I've watched folks involved in the peak oil world back away from it, Heinberg as another example. I watched an hour long video he made for PCI recently, and he didn't mention anything about his old world ending via peak oil scenario. It seems to be all systems analysis and biodiversity and US debt, the usual.

Jeffrey was a consulting geologist way back when, which gave him peak oil cred in the moment. I am not familiar with his charcter either, he didn't seem as attention or camera happy as Art.

Based on his work, my operating assumption is that he is just a geologist that strayed from creating strat columns and being paid to sit the logging truck as a consultant or contractor and liked the online attention he was able to generate.

Quote from: K-DogBut TDOS knows all about him.
Familiar with his work is a better description. Go here and search his username for as long as you'd like. Those government folks must be pretty silly, allowing all of that to still exist, fine experts discussing the 2008 peak oil in a solemn and serious tone. I haven't heard any of those folks being arrested either for discussing resource depletion.

Quote from: K-DogBut if we had access to the files TDOS has, then we would know all about him too.  TDOS probably knows more than I do about my own asshole.  Did you ever hear about Jeff Brown or is just me that never has?

I just gave you the place that holds the reference I provided. Learn all you'd like about Jeffrey. TDoS can read a speech as well as anyone, with tone and inflection, varying the pace in soaring oratory that is quite inspiring.

Resources / - Conventional Oil 101
Last post by TDoS - Apr 19, 2024, 02:31 PM
Quote from: RE on Apr 18, 2024, 04:50 PM
Quote from: TDoS on Apr 18, 2024, 04:09 PMI have been talking and writing about resource depletion professionally throughout a majority of this century. Never been charged for it yet.
The century is only 24 years old.  You only need 13 years to have written for a majority of the century.
Well, in your refinement of the basics of time, I would say I have been involved in resource depletion issues in two centuries now, a little in the last, and all of the current. But DAMN does that make me feel old. And vastly more experienced than I ever imagined! MAN!!! I've got about all the peak oilers of the early 21st century whupped! When did the alt.forums fire up, maybe I've got them whupped too! I read ROE but wasn't much interested in the new fangled interwebs at the time.
Tech Won't Save Us / The engine that is turning the...
Last post by RE - Apr 19, 2024, 02:27 PM
OK, now I know why it's BMW that is going after Hydrogen powered ICE engines as the new, new solution to a carbon free transportation fleet  The engine type they are talking about is the horizontally opposed configuration, which BMW uses in its motorcycles.  I had one back in the 70s, a horizontally opposed twin, air cooled in those years, the BMW R100RT.

There is nothing special about this engine design that makes it better for hydrogen than the in-line configuration.  It's advantage in motorcycles is it has less vibration and gives you a smoother ride.  However BMW long experience playing with this engine using different size cylinders to generate power probably gave them an idea on what would work best with hydrogen as the fuel.  So they probably took some of their older engines and tested them and found a good one to use,

Far as hydrogen being a "new" fuel just discovered, that's ridiculous.  The only thing new is that as it has become cheaper to generate electricity with renewables, it's coming closer to the cost of using fossil fuels as they get more expensive.

This IS a means of powering even big rigs without carbon, as long as the juice is generated by wind/solar/hydro/nuke.  You also can rapidly refill the tanks.  So where is the problem?

It's the fact hydrogen is a gas, and to have enough of it on board your vehicle it either has to be highly compressed or in liquid form, which takes temps close to Absolute Zero.  The 2nd method is impractical for small vehicles like cars.

The 1st method is practical, but a compressed hydrogen tank in a car accident is a freaking nightmare waiting to happen.  When the valve breaks off, the tank blows out like a missile, the gas all mixes with air and POW, hollywood style explosions on the freeway.  How they figure to deal with this little safety problem I have no idea.

The other problem is the infrastructure of filling stations and big compressed hydrogen tanks at every convenience store to have a supply on hand to sell to the happy motoristas.  Then the big compressed gas supply trucks, and finally tankers with super cooled hydrogen moving around as well.  All of the have to be built.  We have LNG tanks that could be adapted, but not enough of them to handle a whole fleet of cars and trucks powered this way.  It will take a while to manufacture all that and get it in place.

Will this fit into the mix to keep the techno-futurist dream alive?  It's conceivable, but time is short I think to get it done.

The engine that is turning the United States upside down: it is 80 years old and runs on a fuel that we have just invented

Politics / - Revolution it is time
Last post by K-Dog - Apr 19, 2024, 01:57 PM
QuoteColumbia University president Minouche Shafik faced the House committee whose grilling led to the ouster of her Harvard University and University of Pennsylvania counterparts last year.

Panel members of the hearing focused on campus antisemitism and wanted to know how Shafik was protecting Jewish and pro-Israel students on campus with frequent pro-Palestinian protests.

And the pigs zip tying the students support this congressional scam without even getting a cut.

Pro-Israel Lobbying

What would it mean in our world to get $5,736,701 ???

At a paltry 2% above inflation it yields $114,734.02

And that is prime rib every night.    Even the low man on this totem pole could live good.  A nice two bedroom rambler.  Do nothing but scratch balls all day long, and still take the wife out for a good $90 steak dinner for two (including desert and tip) once or twice a week.

Just off the interest.  Add steak dinners and vacations in Vegas two or times a years as appropriate if you can find a higher yield.  Add Hawaii to the mix if you put it in a proper annuity that can't deplete before you die, and take more than the interest.  Donations from Israel is all a guy would need to get by in our world so donations are enough to buy total loyalty if you get them.

Fortunately politicians are a superior life form and are immune from corruption.  A politician would not be influenced by millions of dollars in campaign contributions like common people like you and I would be.  A million dollars means nothing to politicians.  Politicians work for the good of the people.  ChatGPT told me so.

Top 20 Member Recipients of Money from Pro-Israel , 1990-2024

  • Member    Amount
  • Biden Joe (D)    $5,736,701
  • Menendez Robert (D-NJ)    $2,500,005
  • Clinton Hillary (D-NY)    $2,361,812
  • Kirk Mark (R-IL)    $2,294,469
  • Lieberman Joe (D-CT)    $1,999,274
  • McConnell Mitch (R-KY)    $1,954,160
  • Schumer Charles E (D-NY)    $1,725,324
  • Hoyer Steny H (D-MD)    $1,662,194
  • Engel Eliot (D-NY)    $1,618,904
  • McCain John (R-AZ)    $1,494,066
  • Cruz Ted (R-TX)    $1,432,806
  • Gottheimer Josh (D-NJ)    $1,425,625
  • Berkley Shelley (D-NV)    $1,409,433
  • Jeffries Hakeem (D-NY)    $1,298,153
  • Wyden Ron (D-OR)    $1,279,376
  • Levin Carl (D-MI)    $1,245,913
  • Schneider Brad (D-IL)    $1,219,634
  • Torres Ritchie (D-NY)    $1,213,154
  • Cantor Eric (R-VA)    $1,153,751
  • Perdue David (R-GA)    $1,139,708

*  One of these days I will post the pic of me while I was at the Trump Tower in Vegas.  Two months ago.  I was a very nice place and the price was good.  Trump and I both appreciate fine woods and stone.  I am into wood and stone.  Gold looks nice, but so does polished copper.  I don't have a gold fetish, but the gold plating on the aluminum frames around the windows and revolving doors of the entrance looks very nice. 

** The hamburger in the Hotel Restaurant was very good.  I give it four and a half paws.

*** The trip was self-financed.
Politics / Columbia University in crisis
Last post by RE - Apr 19, 2024, 11:40 AM
"Columbia University's students have a proud history of protest and raising their voices," Mayor Eric Adams said during a news conference Thursday evening. "Students have a right to free speech, but do not have a right to violate university policies and disrupt learning on campus."

HTF can you have a protest if you can't gather together on a lawn?  The only policy they volated as far as I can tell was setting up the tents.  At least when I went there, you were allowed to go sit on the lawn between classes to study, smoke dope and pick up girls.  8)

How does holding signs up disrupt learning?  That happens in classrooms inside the buildings, and unless they had a huge amplifier and loudspeaker system you couldn't have heard them even from the closest 2 buildings with classrooms,  Most of the buildings on that side f the campus are dorms.

Far as administration at Columbia capitulating to da Goobermint, that's nothing new.  They did in '68 also, and the cops went in with tear gas.  This was pretty tame by comparison.

Columbia University in crisis

Tech Won't Save Us / - Why the Internet Isn’t Fun...
Last post by K-Dog - Apr 19, 2024, 09:59 AM
Quote from: RE on Dec 22, 2023, 01:44 PMKunstler is one of those ex-NY Liberals morphed into  Conservatives in old age. 
Haven't read any of his recent stuff though.


That is being kind.  I actually still read Kunstler, but I always do it through a VPN.  I use the VPN as a pair of psychological hip-waders.

Kunstler is not a conservative.  He is a flaming asshole racist who think Palestinians wipe their ass with their fingers.  A century and a half ago he would be an injun-hater.  From Kunstler's point of view if you are not white, you are not right.

I go there to watch his decline.  It is a cheap thrill to know his writing is not what it used to be.  Considering what I was put through, and that he knows something about it makes my interest understandable, and not a character flaw.  He writes a lot of his own comments, desperate to keep his honey trap funded. 

He never was much for substance.  His writing is, and was all style.  He studied other writers to get good at being the sophist he is.  As time goes by seeing what he is doing gives me insight about what he put me through, and the government abomination he calls a website.

I am banned from leaving a comment and that is a good thing.  Being banned means the motherfucker only gets five minutes of my time a week.  I am prevented from obsessing.  When I got the boot my life got a little better.

If Kunstler went to the Holy Land.  Bibi would put him up. 
General Discussion / The Collapse of Hollywood
Last post by RE - Apr 19, 2024, 04:55 AM
Not that Hollywood was ever so wonderful, it's always been a cesspool in one way or another.  However, it's latest metamorphosis into corporate behomoths monopolizing entertainment and turning the creative folks who write the scripts and have some imagination into replaceable drones is making it even crappier than ever.  Now, this might be a good thing if it all just collapses under the weight of failed movies, TV shows and streaming platforms that fall to turn a profit, but I suspect the wiewing public will simply adjust downward to getting shittier entertainment to watch for their Netflix monthly subscription price.

This article chronicles well how corporate profits and mergers have put Hedge Funds and capitalists in the driver's seat as to what gets made and what doesn't, who makes money and who gets the lowest possible wage they can pay out and so forth.  The writers are getting the main squeeze here, but it seems like about eeryne on the creative side id being shafted by the money men.

All of which explains why I'm having as much trouble finding a TV show to watch these days as I have finding decent music to listen to for the last 20 years.

The Life and Death of Hollywood

Tech Won't Save Us / We Need To Rewild The Internet...
Last post by RE - Apr 19, 2024, 12:33 AM
We stand about as much chance of "rewilding" the internet as Doomers who are prepping for TEOTWAWKI stand of surving collapse by going out today and trying to live by "rewilding" in some national park or in the Amazon.  There's not enough "wild" space left anymore to live, even if you're Eustace Conway or Cody Lunden and all you need is a knife and you can survive in the Kalahari desert.

The days of the Wild West in Cyberspace are gone forever.  But from about 1985 until the party was over in 1999, it was great.

We Need To Rewild The Internet