Tech will not save us. Tech to the contrary will seal our doom.

Started by K-Dog, Sep 16, 2023, 12:36 PM

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It is what it is.  Every communicative technology developed is tasked to surveil, maintain power, and stifle change.  A three step process is described.

Most of the time we are like ants under a magnifying glass, only being looked at.

But bad ants can find the sun is moved behind the magnifying glass.  And not like a big eye, it burns.

QuoteRemember when the pentagon talks about technological advances to be used on the so-called enemy, you better bet your ass that the state will be using it on the people back home and anyone they wish on this planet.

The three-part process.
1) Technologies advance.
2) Experiments in U.S, imperialist wars overseas refine technology creating systems which are deployed to surveil enemy populations.
3) Refined systems are then brought back and incorporated into the state apparatus to be used on anyone and everyone.